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Kasson Hardware
11 4th Street SE
Kasson, MN 55944
Phone: (507) 634-2771




Air Compressors
Cement Bull Float & Handles
Concrete Mixer, Electric
Conduit Bender
Jackhammer, 30# and 60# 
Ladder, up to 24’ Extension
Ladder, 8', 10', 12’ Step
GeneratorLevel, Laser Builders
Magnet, Wheeled
Measuring Wheel
Nailer, Finish
Nailer, Roofing
Nailer, Utility, Coil
Power WasherPacker, Wacker/Sand/Plate Compacter
Packer, Manual Tamper
Saw, 12” Electric Cut-off
Saw, 12” Gas Cut-off
Saw, Brick


Sump Pump, 1” Submersible/Utility
Sump Pump, 2” Submersible
Trash Pump
Washer, Pressure, Electric 1000 psi
Washer, Pressure, Gas, 2500 psi
Waterbed Pump

Carpet Cleaner


Carpet Cleaner w/Attachments
Carpet Fan/Dryer
Carpet Knee Kicker, Seam Iron, Seam Roller, Stair Tool
Carpet Stapler, Electric
Carpet Trimmer
Carpet Stretcher, Power
Floor Buffer/Scrubber 17"
Floor Sander, Drum
Floor Sander, Edger
SprayerFlooring Nailer, Hardwood
Sheetrock Screw Gun, Electric
Sheetrock Jack/Lift 11'
Sheetrock Stick Sander
Sprayer, Paint
Texture Hopper, Gun & Compressor
Tile Cutter, Asphalt or Vinyl
Tile Cutter, Electric, Wet Saw
Tile Nipper, Ceramic
Tile Roller, 100 lb.
Tile Scraper, Electric
Vacuum, Shop Vac – Wet/Dry
Wallpaper Steamer

Sewer Snake

Sewer Cleaning

Auger, Toilet Trap
Auger, 25’ and 50’ Drain, Hand, Manual
Auger, 50’ Drain, Hand, Electric
Auger, 85’ Drain, Power, Electric

Lawn & Garden

Aereator Plugger, Gas and Pull Behind
Augers – 1 man (6”, 8”, 12", 16") and 2 man (6”, 8”, 12”) – Earth, Gas
Saw, 16” Chain
Edger, Gas
Leaf Blower, Gas & Electric
Wood SplitterLog Splitter
Pole Saws, Hand Prunner and Electric
Post Driver
Post-Hole Digger, Hand
Roller, Lawn
Slit Seeder
Sod Kicker
Spreader, Fertilizer
Spreader, Grass, Hand 
Sweeper, Lawn
Thatchers, Gas

Tillers, Mantis, Front Tine, and Rear Tine
Rotary HammerTrimmers, Hedge, Electric or Gas


Drills, 1/2”, 1/2" Angle, 3/8”
Drill, Hammer, 3/8”
Drill, Rotary Hammer
Belt SanderGrinder, Angle 4-1/2” and 7-9”
Heat Gun
Miter Box, Power
Sander, Belt, 3” x 24”
Sander, Finish Palm/Hand
Saw, Jig
Miter SawSaw, Circular Skill


Extension Cord 50’
Fish Tape
CartHole Saw w/Arbor
Moving Cart, 2-Wheel
Moving Cart, Appliance
Moving Cart, 4-wheel Dolly
Moving Cart, Piano
PEX Crimper Tool
Ramps, 8’ Aluminum, Pair
Roaster, Electric
Roof Snow Rake
Tables, 8’ Banquet and Chairs
Tent, 20'x20', 20'x30' Canopy
Water Heater Element Wrench

This is a partial list of the equipment we have – please contact the store for rate information.